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Unleash Your Innate Ability To Teach Your Child

In as little as 7hrs Discover How to Cultivate A Learning Environment You'll Love So Your Kids Can Thrive !

Let's increase joy and sanity while diminishing overwhelm and stress. Press into your innate ability to teach your children.

Do you know you can love teaching your kids and they can thrive learning in your home by leaning into your innate ability to teach your child(ren)?

Do you ever wonder why you are overwhelmed, lost, feeling inadequate, and disconnected from your kids?

Here's the secret, having clarity about what works for you and your family as well as knowing how to implement it into a way that works is the answer:

I believe a vision for your family and commitment to it actually provides more freedom enabling you to clearly make decisions, observe how your kids learn, and create an environment catering to both.

Kids are always learning no matter what.

When you understand your goals for your family, values, and learning style; YOU WILL KNOW THE CURRICULUM WORKS. Not just your curriculum, your parenting skills will soar. They retain what they enjoy and are passionate about. Not a checklist that'll satisfy a learning standard, latest social media trend, or make you feel good.

Let me explain: The reason is that YOU live in your HOUSE and YOUR KIDS LIVE AROUND YOU. 

Thinking about what works for YOU and THEM is more important than plopping down a curriculum and hoping it works whether you teach it or not.

If you ignore this. 

If you ignore this, you'll nag your kids to learn, bother them to listen, teach without your kids retaining what you taught, smother your kids' natural curiosity, increase stress by not knowing if what you are doing is working, and continue overwhelm working against the vision for your home

Inside Homeschool From The Heart

The Books Preview & Guide

The 9 actionable steps below will bring clarity and guide you through creating a custom learning environment while increasing productivity for your family. The approach is rep-based and the results increase enjoyment and reduce stress as steps are repeated. This is an e-course on audio. Worksheet included. Here's an overview.

Get The Right Attitude

+ Get Clear On Your Values

Get Momentum and Be More Productive

Reduce Stress with A Value Based Schedule

+ Create Lasting Habits Based On Your Values

Building Confidence and Self Respect As A family

The Gift Of Reflection

Overcome Common Struggles + When Things Go Wrong

What is everyone saying?

Clear and Concise. This is a wonderful jumpstart to homeschooling from the heart. Easy to follow actionable steps to make a difference.

Steve Costello


This felt encouraging and easy to do....

Sarah Chivers

Instructor of Sociology

Myla Sweet

Homeschooling mom of 4.

Critical Thinker


Myla Sweet LLC

Myla Sweet has been homeschooling her children since 2011. Her tips, procedures, and overall approach to learning at home make this system not only effective but fun.

As a parent to your child, you have a unique relationship that allows for constant learning, and schoolwork is no different.

Take a look at how your brain can be rewired to a great home teacher.

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